The White Feather Collective is a psychedelic, four man, surf-rock band. Making the music the sixties forgot with bombastic soul and peaceful goals.

From beautiful roots on the Malvern Hills and slopes of Ben Nevis, the band are happiest and most creative in the countryside, and openly oppose the unnatural oppression that modern city life bestows. The free-thinkers of the 1960s grow old and new generations stagnate in a willing bubble of false security; the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the planet suffers. We see a golden era of heart-felt musical communication, that once burned bright as a truly human voice for change, reason and imagination, being smothered with everything its pioneers sung against. It is our mission to rekindle and build upon that fire, for all that depend on its warmth to see light.

The band has built a reputation for high octane shows with a tight and driving rhythm section, soulfully archaic guitar tones and vigorously profound vocal deliveries. Together, Will Turner (lead guitar), Josh Lambe (vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar), Roo MacPhee (bass), Chris Reynolds (drums), present a captivatingly expressive performance, incorporating many aspects that made the late 1960s the golden era for music. Their sound is regularly likened to that of ‘The Rolling Stones’, ‘The Doors’, ‘Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac’ and ‘The Black Keys’. As well as perform, the group of friends also write, record, produce, design and film all of the content that forms their musical and social presence.

The White Feather Collective aims to boast an immersive, life changing live set, along with well considered recordings that take elements from an era of music where it didn’t matter what you looked like.

come and see us play we love you